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  introduction structure
Suyeong Yaryu has two parts; the first part for parade and group dancing and the second part for the masque play of four episodes.
When the money required for this play is collected through Jisinbalgi meaning suppressing evil spirits for which each household offers money or grain and all preparation is completed, a sacrificial rite is offered to three spirits (a deity of the soil (Suyeong Tosin), a guardian deity of the naval headquarter (Doksin), and a deity of the holy well (Wonsujeong)) in the daytime of the year's first full moon day and the ancestral rite is held before the grave of General Choi Yeong to pray for well-being and richness of the town in the new year and for successful activity of this play.
When the full moon comes up at a big yard of Suyeong Castle, a number of performers, including the light lantern bearers at the head called Sodeungdae, dancing and chanting unit called Pungakdae, music band called Gilgunakdae, eight fairies called Palseonnyeo, the head noble men riding lions or horses, singing groups called Nanbonggapae and Yangsandopae, and others are marching in procession about 1 km to the yard from Wonsujeong for one hour to one and a half hours. When those units in fancy dresses are marching in procession, villagers and spectators give hearty cheers and applause and participate in this parade.
Masque Play
By the time of finishing the parade, group dancing, and other events for 3 to 4 hours and at the time of the full moon shining overhead, the masque play begins with appearance of the head noble men called Suyangban. The masque play consists of four episodes.
Suyeong Yaryu has two parts; the first part for parade and group dancing and the second part for the masque play of four episodes.
Episode 1: Yangban
A servant called "Malttugi" discloses the inner stories of the upper classes with humorous sarcasm and bitter tongue, jeers the incompetence and bluff of the nobility, and cries out for class leveling and human rights. This episode mainly consists of conversation between Suyangban and Malttugi together with dancing. Malttugi and five noble men appear in this episode.
Episode 2: Yeongno
When a head noble man is walking around in grief, Yeongno, an imaginary monster of half-man and half-animal, in a black wrapping-cloth appears with a loud sound. This monster captures and swallows the head noble man.
Episode 3: Halmiyeonggam
This episode is about triple love affairs between an old man, his wife, and his concubine (called "Jedaegaksi") and troubles in their lives. In the end, the old man comes home back, Jedaegaksi leaves home, and his wife is beaten to death.
Episode 4: Sajamu
This episode is a pantomime about a lion and a tiger. They fight each other and the lion catches the tiger in the end. This episode is originated from topographical characteristics of Mt. Baek at Suyeong. When a big lion appears in dancing, a tiger (called "Dambo") comes. They dance and talk back and forth. In the end, the lion catches the tiger. It is considered that this episode shows the ritual dancing of Byeoksajingyeong. With this episode, all events of Suyeong Yaryu are finished and masks used for this play are burned.
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